Secular Online activist Nishit Sarker Mithu Targeted by Fundamentalists, Family in Terror

Nishit sarker Mithu has been writing on human rights, minority rights, secularism and anti-radicalism for many years and is currently based in the UK.

He’s been active on the popular social media platform, Facebook. In the past, he participated in several campaigns against radicalism and communal violence targeting minority Hindus in Bangladesh. Recently, threats have been made against his family, with warnings to behead Nishit Sarker due to his online activism against extremism. Following this incident, his family lives in constant fear and insecurity for their son’s safety. His family’s request for protection was denied by local police because they discovered signs of his past activities defaming the government.

Significantly, over the past years, numerous social media writers and fundamentalist blogger groups have been secretly attacked and brutally killed. Yet, the Bangladesh government has failed to confirm the trial of the accused murderers, causing alarm among free thinkers, secular individuals, and activists.

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