Violent Attack on Hindu Devotees at Shaktipeeth Chandranath Temple in Bangladesh

Dhaka News: Islamic Fundamentalists have attacked on Hindus in Bangladesh at Chandranath Temple. 10 people were injured. The attack happened on the devotees who came to pray at the Shaktipeeth Chandranath Temple, Chittagong.

Live Video News of the Violent Attack on Hindu devotees in Chandranath temple, Sitakunda, Chittagong

Violent Attack on Hindu

Every year in December, devotees come from different parts of the country for the pilgrimage. The attack was on a group of devotees who had arrived the day before. A group of religious extremists who brought deadly weapons to beat the group that was walking towards the temple.

Those devotees were injured in the attack, including on their heads. Other devotees and temple authorities arrived and took the injured to the hospital. After initial treatment, they left the hospital. Devotees have complained about the incident but Bangladesh govt. and police have not taken any steps to protect the Hindu devotees.

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