A Hindu priest was raped and killed by Islamic militants in Bangladesh

Radical islamist miscreant killed Hasilata Biswas (70), a Hindu priest of Malibata Sevashram ( A form of Hindu Temple ) in Gopalganj, Bangladesh, by tying her face and hands. The police believe that the old priest may have been killed after being raped.

The incident took place at the Malibata Sevashram of Gopalganj Sadar Upazila late on Saturday (March 2). Later on Sunday (March 3) morning, the police recovered his body from the ashram.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Gopalganj Sadar Police Station Mohammad Anichur Rahman confirmed the matter.
Deceased priest Hasilta Biswas is the wife of deceased Dipin Biswas of Doanibari village of Nijra Union of Sadar Upazila. For 10 years he had been worshiping and looking after worship at the Malibata Sevashram.

OC said that he slept alone in that ashram on Saturday night. On Sunday morning (March 3), some went to the ashram and found the door of the ashram temple open. Later he went inside and found Hasilta’s face and hands tied. On receiving the information, the police went to the spot and recovered the body.

He also said that it is believed that the old woman was raped. Apart from this, the cupboard of the old woman’s house and the ashram’s donation box were broken. The matter is being investigated not only by the police but also by various agencies. After the investigation, the culprits will be quickly identified and legal action will be taken.

Gautam Pandey, general secretary of Malibata Sevashram, said, “We think some miscreants or radical islamist may have entered the temple. Her face and hands were tied with a towel. He may have been strangled to death. ‘

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