Top 5 best resort in gazipur

Many resorts have been developed in Gazipur district due to its proximity to Dhaka and natural diversity. Resorts in Gazipur are popular with everyone for family outings, honeymoons, events, day tours or corporate picnics. Gazipur has elite luxury resorts as well as many budget resorts. Our feature is about 5 popular resort in Gazipur.

The best resorts in Gazipur are selected on the basis of resort quality, safety, facilities and traveler feedback. This special resort guide of travel guide contains the names of all popular resorts in Gazipur district, cost and rental list, booking method, route and contact information.

Chuti Resort & Picnic Spot

It has been carefully developed on an area of about 50 bighas in Sukundi village of Gazipur. Adjacent to Gazipur’s Bhawal National Park, this rural resort offers boat trips and camping in protected tree forests. There are also thatched houses, cottages, bird houses, herb gardens, fishing facilities, gardens, elite restaurants, two picnic spots, rustic pies, two playgrounds and kids zone.


Bhawal Resort & Spa

Bhawal Resort is one of the best resort in gazipu . It is located in Naljani village of Mirzapur union in Gazipur district. This is popular and completely surrounded by natural environment and shaded by green plants. The depth of the resort is about 65 acres. It has a total of 5 zones and 61 cottages. As a family and couple resort, Bhawal state near Dhaka is known as paradise.

Green View Resort, Gazipur

Luxury Green View Golf Resort is located in Sreepur, Gazipur. This modern resort surrounded by abundant vegetation and natural environment can be your next destination. Staying in a private villa room with swimming pool, golf facilities, children’s play area will cost from Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000.

Nokkhottrobari Resort

Popular actor and producer Taukeer Ahmed has built a house with modern facilities in a remote area of Rajabari area of Sripur upazila of Gazipur near Dhaka in a pleasant and rural environment. Nature lovers and travelers are always flocking here.

Dream Square Resort

Dream Square Resort in Gazipur has been built on about 120 bigha of land in Ajahirchala village of Mauna in the north of Gazipur district with the touch of beauty grown in a completely natural environment. There are around 100 modern cottage rooms for guests to relax. In addition, the resort has a private tower. As a result, visitors can climb the tower and enjoy the surrounding nature and its beauty at a glance. All around there are fish, monkeys, pythons, snakes, and other mind-blowingly beautiful sculptures of various animals.


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